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A holistic approach is taken at our office. This means that nutritional, hormonal, structural and psychological factors will be taken into account during your evaluation and treatment. This approach also emphasizes education and empowerment of the patient to take control of their own health. The patient's willingness to take responsibility is crucial for the success of this approach.

Our goal is to optimize health by using natural (non-drug) treatments. If you are on medication currently, no immediate changes are usually made until your situation is fully assessed and appropriate support (e.g. nutritionally, hormonally) is provided. While we prefer to minimize the use of artificial substances over time, this is very individualized and depends on whether the underlying problem the medication is being used for is responding adequately to natural therapies. Sometimes the best treatment is a combination of natural and conventional therapies.

Evaluation includes completing a questionnaire, giving a history of your health and undergoing a physical examination. According to the needs of the individual case, further assessment by means of bloodwork, stool, and/or urine testing may be needed. After the necessary information is obtained a treatment plan is formulated and often consists of nutritional supplementation, dietary and lifestyle changes. Natural substances such as vitamins, minerals, essential fats and natural hormones are utilized to provide the body with needed resources to optimize function and promote healing. The patient is seen periodically to monitor the effect of treatment and update it as needed.

Various types of toxicity can also interfere with good health. In those cases where we suspect such toxicity, we do appropriate testing. Examples of toxicity testing include: heavy metal testing (urine) for mercury, lead, arsenic, (and others) and gastrointestinal (stool) testing for digestive problems, yeast, parasite and bacterial overgrowth.


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